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LG Quizovation Contest is aimed at honouring the spirit of innovation. The more knowledge you have about the innovations that have shaped the history of mankind, the more are your chances to win. And the best part is, we would be with you right through by helping you gain knowledge by offering you clues on our Facebook Fan Page and YouTube Channels. It can’t get simpler than this! Can it?

  1. Clues would appear on the LG Facebook Fanpage for three consecutive days.
  2. The quiz would be open for participation every fourth day. Three questions would be put up in each attempt based on the clues provided on the previous days. Participants will have the option to improve their score by playing as many times as they wish.
  3. Rank would be decided based on the number of correct answers and the time taken i.e. if a participant gives more correct answers in less time, he/she would have a higher rank.
  4. Among all the participants, top 10 rank holders will get the chance to win exciting goodies pack from LGEIL.There names would be announced on every 5th day . (i.e. next day from Quiz Day)
  5. There would be a total of 6 quiz days. Questions would be based on all the clues provided previously i.e. if you are playing the third quiz you should also expect questions based on clues provided on day one.
  6. One participant who has the maximum cumulative score in the minimum time finally wins the grand prize.